• Training Board: We specialize in addressing existing problems working patiently with horses that may have become barn sour, need to learn to ride in company or go out alone. Additionally, we work with many youngsters, raising them from the ground up and with inexperienced horses giving them mileage in most English disciplines.

  • Exercise Board: We offer exercise board for horses that do not need full training but need to be kept in a regular program for optimal performance. This option includes 1-2 days of riding per week as well as full stall board.

  • Rehab Services: FFE works closely with veterinarians implementing their rehab plans for any injuries that have occurred. We are equipped for most rehab needs with multiple sized paddocks, a round pen and and the ability to manage stall rest. We are extremely detailed oriented and conscientious about your horse’s particular needs.

  • Short Term Stays and Layovers: We offer short term stays for people coming to foxhunt, compete, or just enjoy the sights of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Our boarding facilities also offer the perfect location for your horse to rest during a long haul. Full-care, self-care and field board options are available. Contact Denya for requirements on health certificates and vaccinations.

  • Retirement Board: FFE offers retirement board in our lovely large fields with run in sheds and automatic waterers. The “retirees” are fed once (or twice if a hard keeper) a day and checked over. We also manage blanketing, muzzles, and fly apparel as needed. Our horses have rolling hills, shelter, and gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and live out their lives with top care.