About Us

Denya Leake Born into a ‘horsey family’, ponies and horses have been part of Denya’s life since she was given her first pony at age 4 — they were a very good match as he was only 36 inches tall! “Toy Mouse” taught her the value of being a partner and having fun with her equine counterparts. Working her way from ponies to horses, training every pony then horse that came through the stable, she was mentored by her mother, Caroline Treviranus Leake and her grandmother, Marilyn Mackay-Smith, to be an empathetic, hard-working and accomplished rider. Denya’s true passion is foxhunting, having hunted since she was 4 years old on Toy Mouse (albeit on a lead line!). Many hours were spent schooling and in the hunter and jumper rings as well as eventing up through Training Level. A confident rider, she enjoys working with horses that need encouragement to succeed, those that have learned bad habits that need retraining, and youngsters who need exposure to the big world, always assessing the horse’s mental and physical capabilities to ensure that the horse truly understands what is being asked. Contact her with any questions!

Caroline Treviranus Leake rode on the US 3 Day Team in the 1970’s, competing in the 1978 Eventing World Championships in Lexington, KY. She developed and competed Cajun and Comic Relief, both of whom won Horse of the Year, and Cajun also earned the Frolicsome Trophy as Mare of the Year. Caroline and Denya tag team to create a plan which they believe will best suit each particular horse, adapting the plan as needed. As a native Virginian, Caroline had everything equestrian at her fingertips, and made great use of the resources to compete horses at every level, whether showing or eventing. She took countless youngsters, some home-breds, into the competitive arena, and won. She started her equestrian career on a Dartmoor Farnely pony named Titmouse, who went on to be Kim Severson’s first pony too! Caroline is a wonderful empathetic ‘nurse’ when it comes to care for the injured or lame horses, and keeps an eye out for all “her” horses!

Eddie Leake makes everything happen behind the scenes. You will see him around the farm bush hogging, dragging the fields, fixing the fences, scrubbing the automatic waters, and, most importantly, working with the horses on the ground. As a 5th generation Clarke County Virginian, working closely behind his father, he learned from the ground up about the ins and outs of a working farm, including plow horses, sheep, cattle, chickens, goats, and foxhunting horses that needed braiding and polish. Eddie gets a horse ready for an event, foxhunt, or competition better than any person you could meet. He is wonderful with the horses on the ground, always being compassionate but never letting them step into his space, gently teaching them good stable manners. Make sure to give him a wave as he drives by on the tractor!

First Flight Equestrian is proud of the family experience and support, seamlessly covering all aspects of maintaining a safe, quiet stable and quality pasturing for all horses in their care.